Sunday, 19 December 2010

And then there was a little progress

Yes, I am starting to get the hang of this coloring stuff. I only have a small (I hear my mum laugh now, because she thinks I have loads, but I dont even have half of the collection) collection of Promarkers, so for me not nearly enough choice on colors, but it is getting better! I understand more how the colors work. Maybe one day I can be somewhere near as good as some of the amazing people I see on blogs! I still have a lot to learn (and buy!!).

Ian gave me the amazing stamp set called Adorables, made by Jayne Nestorenko. The rubber stamp sheets are full with fun little bits, adorable little kids, and amazing background stamps! There is so much you can do with these stamps :) Got my shape cut out with the cricut machine, and used a Pearl Pen for the very first time. Mind you, this card was made somewhere back in September, and any crafter knows that trends and things change like every 2 weeks :)

Have you noticed the coloring! Yes, I did at a few more Promarkers to my collection and that does make a difference! Cut the shape with the cricut machine, and I learned that I should color those corners in the same color range, as now it's a wee bit chaotic!
I do love that verse though, and really should use it more often hahaha :)

That's it for today. More cards will follow tomorrow. I have to catch up with posts from last September, and I did make a lot of cards since then :)



  1. wat staan er weer mooie kaarten bij heel veelgroetjes mama

  2. Leuk dat er al weer nieuwe kaarten opstaan, ik blijf het volgen,
    groeten, Marij