Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another bit of velvet

And so when all the velvet was out, ofc we wanted to use more of it! Here is a piece of green velvet with an embossed xmas tree in it. I must say, the picture does not do the card justice at all!

The green velvet looks all weird, but the real things is really nice green :)


Sunday, 29 January 2012


Years ago my mum (and Aunt) bought loads of this velvet-paper that is self adhesive on the back. Ofcourse it was somewhere far away in a drawer gathering dust. Then my Aunt had bought this cut and emboss at the same time die, and in my eyes it would be perfect on that velvet paper. So after half an hour of searching, we found it and voila, one really amazing card was made!

It is a very simple card, but the effect is amazing!


Friday, 27 January 2012

Do more with Dies

So I thought about these grand nestabilities, and how nice it is to use bigger dies. But yes, as nice as it is, they are very expensive, and you need another machine with it too. I dont want to spend that kind of money, so what I did was, I drew around my biggest nestie I wanted to use, put it on my scanner/copier/printing machine, and blew it up to 145%. I then had my nestie, but in a bigger size :) Most nestabilities are very simple shapes and easy to cut out, and with a copier that can resize it is easy enough to make your own range of nesties.

I really like how the front turned out with my own homemade grand nesties!!

And the inside is pretty too, with one of the new nestabilities that I again bought at the KreaDoe craft fair :)


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Alcohol inks

Another xmas card that was so much fun to make :) I drew and cut out the shape of an arched window. Now I dont have accetate, but I do have a laminate machine, so what I do is, I laminate a sheet, without a paper inbetween, and voila, I have an accetate sheet :) Got to town with alcohol inks. They are so much fun to use. I am always amazed by the results, and find it lovely to get my agression out a bit hahaha!!

I then made a little hanging, mechanism (sorry I did not take a picture) on the inside of the card, and hung the sentiment inside, so you see it dangling through the window. One of the loveliest touches is, when it is dark, put one of those battery candles inbetween the card, and the "glass stained" window will shine beautifully!


Monday, 23 January 2012


My mum had these amazing paper stacks from papermania, and luckily they sold them for a very good price at the KreaDoe craft fair. I bought 2 packs of the same, and later, when I was at home, I bought a load from a website that had them on offer :) I also got one of my fave stacks, that I did not have, but my mum did, for xmas of my mum, so I am really happy :)

I think a good background paper makes a card nowadays. The amount of papers I have from back in my scrapbooking days, and what I have now what I use with cardmaking, I could wallpaper 10 houses with it! At least!!!


Saturday, 21 January 2012

liquid aplique

When I was in Holland last November, it was KreaDoe craft fair. Now for years I have been keeping my eyes open for something called liquid aplique. It comes in all sorts of colors, is some sort of paste in a tube, and when you heat it with a heatgun it all puffs up.
So as we were at the fair, and I had spend ALL my money, we were back at one of the last stands, and OMG there it was!! So I borrowed some money of my aunt, and bought myself a tube :)

I punched out all these snowflakes, and one by one I put the liquid aplique on, sprinkled them with glitters and heatgunned them!! It took a little while, but they made such an amazing frame around this pretty angel! The picture does not do it justice at all.

A simple inside to the card. The corners are actually made from a Marianne Die that goes with a lantern. I just cut off the bits that were sticking out on the other side, to make a smooth edge, and voila, corners were made :)


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Love this shape.

I know I have used this shape/type of card before, and that's because I really love them. They are different, and fun to make :) I am sure there will be more of them coming in the future :)

I don't know how I did it before, but that xmas branch die is one of my favourite dies to use on xmas cards. It immediatly (spelling???) changes a card and gives that xmas feeling :) I use it on almost every xmas card I make :)


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Been a while

But finally I found time to stick a card on my blog. As a matter of facts, I am going to line up a bunch of cards to be posted, so be ready for x-mas card invasion :)

And yes it is going to be x-mas card invasion, because I had to make a LOT of cards just before xmas. Everyone was late with their orders and then they wanted extra's and took the extra extra's I made too. So I was up to my ears in making xmas cards. I am hoping to avoid that this year, so I am already making xmas cards :) I was so stressed around xmas time, it wasn't fun anymore.

But for now:

I love making this type of card/wallhanger. They are very easy and simple to make, but they look really nice :)
I know about 2 years ago, if you had given me the choise of a cricut or cuttlebug I would have gone for a cricut 100%. But there has been such a change in craftland, where the dies are more afordable, and the range of dies is so incredible, that I have not used my cricut in ages, and my cuttlebug is on the table daily! I am kinda planning and hoping on using my cricut again though, because I have some lovely cartridges, and it's a waste not to use them. The thing that holds me back though, is that 1, it takes a lot of time, and 2, you can't cut any type of paper, as it rips a lot of papers. That is one of the main reasons I have stopped using it. But we will see what the future brings :)