Monday, 28 November 2011


I still go to craftclub every monday morning. I so love it! It's such a great group of lovely ladies :)
Julie, she organizes the club, had seen this fun idea on Create and Craft (don't know how I missed it!!) and she showed me it. Ofcourse I wanted to make it straight away, and this is what I came up with:

The card is a big circle, and one quarter is cut in. Folded the 2 quarters that came seperate through the cut in half and back, so they could stand up. They stand up better because they are attached on some accetate, thats folded. This gives it a little spring, so it folds flat in the envelope but springs up when you take it out. It is a bit difficult to write down how it's done. There are 2 circles on the folded quarters that I rurned into 2 wreaths with a lot of punched branches :) Some pre-made embellishments and a sentiment at the front, and voila, card done :) It sounds more complicated then it is!


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