Wednesday, 16 May 2012

All white

I do like the look of an all white card, layered on top of eachother. At the point where I made this card I did not own an Mbossibility (I have one ordered, and at the moment I am typing this, it has not arrived yet), so the whole thing looks a bit flat. I am sure I will "remake" a card like this again, but then with embossing, as that would give the card more OOMPF :)

I used one of Marianne's dies, that my mum, my sis and I call "the tennis racket" hahaha :) Just not big enough to fully cut out to the size of my card so I just manually cut some scallops to extend it. I also used pure white edge stickers, and have little dot stickers in the middle of them. I like creating little borders like this :) I am hoping someday soon to order the glue-stuff Sue Wilson uses, so I can make little faux-pearls, that actually stay hard and not like that pearl-ex stuff, that goes flat after it's dry and it get's a little presure on it.


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