Sunday, 24 June 2012

My mum's birthdaycard

It was my mum's birthday in May, and I made her a card similar to a cardidea I had seen on Create and Craft. It is actually one of Dawn Bibby's card idea's, and eventhough I can't stand DB, cos I think she is the most selfcentered person in the world (It's all about DB and her guests and their ideas don't really count!), I must admit that her craftkits are really nice!! Not that I would buy them, but to recreate they are a lot of fun :)

The card has got an arch-shape cut out, and on the backside a lovely birthdayverse. The front has an amazing fence, that I cut with my cricut machine, and the way it's folded makes sure it goes completely flat in post, but when it comes out of the envelope it pops out! Fun times :) I also used gilding flakes on the flowers. It was my first time really using gilding flakes on a wet glue and I so love the endresult!


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