Monday, 2 July 2012

shrink plastic

I love shrink plastic ... I love the magic of it .... I could do it all day long and still make a little happy dance after hours, everytime something shrinks!

I made a boxcard (that will fold flat in an envelope!) and cut a lovely diecut out of shrink plastic to hang at the front!

Ofcourse it's not very clear to see on this picture as I used a seethrough shrink plastic, but it shows you the boxcard in it's full!! And thanks to Sue Wilson, and her always ongoing ideas and insparation when it comes to spellbinders dies, I used a cornerdie to create some interrest to the sides of the box!

And here a better picture of the shrink plastic die! I also stamped on it with stazon before I shrunk the whole thing! Mind you though, it was very tricky to get this cut, and most of the little bits I had to handcut afterwards with a knife! So it wasn't just as easy as it looks :)


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