Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Card shapes

I found this card, and the text in my draftbox! So a year later then planned, I present you my enthousiasm about my Grand Calibur! And to say, in a year that has not changed at all!!

So, after a year of saying I don't need a Grand Calibur etc, something strange happened. When I was in Holland my Aunt bought a Grand Calibur. She took it over to my mum's place, and we got to play with it. My mum was sold, and bought one, and so for the next 1,5 weeks all I used was the Grand Calibur. Le Sigh!! This meant I had to invest in one myself, cos back home my cuttlebug was just not doing it anymore! I looked on ebay, and found a great offer. Not only did I get the Grand Calibur, but I also got an extra plate with it and a set of XXL dies!! Something I wasn't going to invest in really, but hey, if it came for free with the GC then why not.

When the GC arrived through the post, I did have to try the big die ofcourse, and OMG I love it!! I love how I now can make my own big card shapes!!


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