Saturday, 18 December 2010

Some oldies ...

I first started Distressing and using stamps in a "different" way somewhere around may this year. The cards are a bit so-so but I wanted to post them onhere so in future I can se my own progress! I still have a lot to learn :)

I did not have any image stamps just yet, so I did use some decoupage. I don't like decoupage. I hate cutting things out really! When I looked at the card again 2 weeks ago, it was so "naked" that I added a swirl, a flower and a nice greeting. Made the thing look a little bit better!

My mum got a cuttlebug for her birthday. I had never used one before, so this was my first try at inking one of those gold metal stencil things. It looks alright, though I did change the corner bit. I took something ugly off and made a pretty snowflake (with liquid applique) and a sentiment. Not the best card, but better then it was haha :)

Yes, I still had to learn a lot about distressing. This actually looks horrible, even in real life hahaha! Ok, maybe not horrible, but not what  would make nowadays!

Only added a sentiment to this one. It was pretty much ok the way I made it :)

Added a greeting and a little bunch of flowers, as the card felt a bit "naked". I still do like the shape of this card!

So very different then the other cards I made, but this was still made in the same weeks. It has a little drawer at the bottom of the card that contains 3 little candles. I really like this project, but I have no clue where I put the template for it :(

I will post some more cards tomorrow. I have always made pictures of my cards, so there are still a few to come!



  1. Hello Yvette,
    Wonderful cards I love them. I am glad that I can see them from Holland.

  2. Hey Ief, leuk om je in blogland te zien,hier ben ik beter thuis dan dat rare facebook lol!
    Je gaat heel goed met de kaarten,gewoon weer even in je vingers krijgen:))