Sunday, 29 April 2012

18 cards

No there are not going to be 18 cards in this post, but the three weeks I was in Holland I managed to make 18 cards! So this is the first one of many cards to come :)

2 Days after I landed in Holland it was craftfair in Den Bosch, where I went with my sister, mum and aunt. It was an amazing day, and a lot of pennies were spent. I had made a list of all the stuff I wanted to buy, and luckily I managed to get most of it, for the price I wanted!! I bought 7 sets of spellbinders, and they are just too good! Totally love the persian sets, and I am sure they will be used on many more cards to come :)

This card is like an enveloppe idea, and on the sides I used the border from the persian set from spellbinders. When I wanted to glue it on the card a small problem surfaced. I could not use a glue spray, because that would have made the whole thing sticky, and double sided tape would show through the little holes. So what I did was, I used double sided tape, and then where it was showing through the holes, I filled it with glitters, and the effect is just stunning!!

For the inside of the card I used 2 of the same die, and layered them up so it looks like a circle :) It just worked perfectly, and I am really pleased with the look of this card.


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