Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I am back from my 3 week holiday/family visit in Holland. I have had such a great great time. I went to a craft fair with my mum, aunt and sister, and it was just AMAZING!! Spend a few pennies, and made an awesome deal. I bought 7 of the latest, most awesome spellbinder dies for 150 euro's!! It sounds like a lot in one go, but let me tell you, it was sooooo cheap as they usually go for inbetween 25 and 28 euro's a piece. Yay for me!! Be prepaired to see lots of cards in the future with lovely diecuts on them :)

For now, a card I made a few months ago. I think for the rest of this year you will be seeing lots and lots of christmas cards passing by. This is the first of 2012 :)

I used a technique called Trapeze, where you work with threads (and sometimes beads). Originally they are made with smaller (read 10 by 15 cm) cards, but I resized it on my printer so I could use it on my big card!

As you can see, you can see right through the card, where the threads are holding the middle piece in place. This wasn't easy to do, but after a bit of struggling I managed to do it! And I totally love the end result.

I made a picture with a white piece of paper inbetween the card so you can see the threads a lot better. I really loved making this card!


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