Sunday, 26 February 2012


I took these pictures to show my mum and my aunt how I store my spellbinders and other dies. What I do is, I stick on a piece of double sided tape on a firm piece of cardboard, and then the same lenght a piece of low tac tape on top of the double sided tape. That's what holds my spellbinders nicely in place, in one nice folder!

For all the small dies I use these folderthings they use for cardgames like Magic the Gathering. I think ATC cards are stored in these as well. I can see in one go what I have, and what I want to use :) Take my little die out of the card, use it, and stick it back on the tape, and done :)

For the nestabilities I use one strip of sticky tape, and it holds them perfectly! Rectangles together, circles together etc :)

The shapebilities are on their original cards they came on. I reuse the tape that is on there, unless that tape comes off (which happens often). Then I just redo it myself with double sided tape and low tac tape, just like the others. This way the set stays nicely together without taking up a lot of room!!


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