Saturday, 21 January 2012

liquid aplique

When I was in Holland last November, it was KreaDoe craft fair. Now for years I have been keeping my eyes open for something called liquid aplique. It comes in all sorts of colors, is some sort of paste in a tube, and when you heat it with a heatgun it all puffs up.
So as we were at the fair, and I had spend ALL my money, we were back at one of the last stands, and OMG there it was!! So I borrowed some money of my aunt, and bought myself a tube :)

I punched out all these snowflakes, and one by one I put the liquid aplique on, sprinkled them with glitters and heatgunned them!! It took a little while, but they made such an amazing frame around this pretty angel! The picture does not do it justice at all.

A simple inside to the card. The corners are actually made from a Marianne Die that goes with a lantern. I just cut off the bits that were sticking out on the other side, to make a smooth edge, and voila, corners were made :)


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