Friday, 27 January 2012

Do more with Dies

So I thought about these grand nestabilities, and how nice it is to use bigger dies. But yes, as nice as it is, they are very expensive, and you need another machine with it too. I dont want to spend that kind of money, so what I did was, I drew around my biggest nestie I wanted to use, put it on my scanner/copier/printing machine, and blew it up to 145%. I then had my nestie, but in a bigger size :) Most nestabilities are very simple shapes and easy to cut out, and with a copier that can resize it is easy enough to make your own range of nesties.

I really like how the front turned out with my own homemade grand nesties!!

And the inside is pretty too, with one of the new nestabilities that I again bought at the KreaDoe craft fair :)


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