Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Been a while

But finally I found time to stick a card on my blog. As a matter of facts, I am going to line up a bunch of cards to be posted, so be ready for x-mas card invasion :)

And yes it is going to be x-mas card invasion, because I had to make a LOT of cards just before xmas. Everyone was late with their orders and then they wanted extra's and took the extra extra's I made too. So I was up to my ears in making xmas cards. I am hoping to avoid that this year, so I am already making xmas cards :) I was so stressed around xmas time, it wasn't fun anymore.

But for now:

I love making this type of card/wallhanger. They are very easy and simple to make, but they look really nice :)
I know about 2 years ago, if you had given me the choise of a cricut or cuttlebug I would have gone for a cricut 100%. But there has been such a change in craftland, where the dies are more afordable, and the range of dies is so incredible, that I have not used my cricut in ages, and my cuttlebug is on the table daily! I am kinda planning and hoping on using my cricut again though, because I have some lovely cartridges, and it's a waste not to use them. The thing that holds me back though, is that 1, it takes a lot of time, and 2, you can't cut any type of paper, as it rips a lot of papers. That is one of the main reasons I have stopped using it. But we will see what the future brings :)


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