Monday, 13 June 2011

Craftfair Doncaster

My mum, my friend Anna and myself went to the craftfair in Doncaster yesterday!! Ohmy, did we have an amazing day. It is not the biggest of fairs, but we certainly needed our time there to see it all, and then still we did not see it all, as we did not see ANY demo at all!! And there were many people demonstrating. Lavinia Stamps, Barbara Gray from Clarity stamps, Ali from Dimensions Fourth ... and many many more. We certainly could do with winning the lottery, with all the yummie yummie stuff that was at the fair hahaha :)

Here is a picture of all the stuff my mum and I bought. Now when you think to yourself, why did they buy 3 of the same stamps?? That is because my mum's sister is a very good crafter herself. She was not at the fair, but gave my mum a shoppinglist of all the things to buy :) As you can see, we spend a lot of pennies yesterday :)

My mum and Anna at the Lavinia Stamps booth!! Oh oh oh, how I wish I was rich!! Her cards are so amazing, so magical!! It's a true joy to walk around in her booth and look at all the amazing example cards.

And yes, that is my mum (from behind hahahaha) looking at a demo from Barbara Gray!! We went back to her booth 3 times to buy someting ... oh .. oh .. :)

I was so exhausted when we came back, that I only played a little bit with my new stuff, and went to bed really early!! What a great day I had :)


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