Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Not cardmaking, no the weather. The weather is very strange. Yesterday I had to leave craftclub an hour early cos I was so hot I was about to pass out, and today I am sitting here in my t-shirt feeling cold. We went from over 30 degrees to 18 overnight. I can feel the sniffles coming up already!

I tried making Strawberry jam for the first time yesterday. I don't think it was a complete succes, as it looks kinda sloppy. Have not tried the taste yet, cos I want it to set for 24 hours before I re-open one of my jars. The strawberries were freshly picked from our garden, so it can't be too bad can it :) hahahaha :)

For now, I have a little card I enjoyed making :) Well, I enjoy all of my cards I make, but I like special folds and stuff, to try out :) This one I saw in a book I borrowed from someone in our craftclub. She loved that card too, and wanted me to make an example card for her, so I did. The top and bottom actually open when you undo the little string :)


1 comment:

  1. Ik hoop dat je jam toch nog smaakt. Anders is het toch heel erg jammer van al die aardbeitjes.
    In ieder geval is je kaart wel gelukt. En ook mooi ingekleurd. Vooral het idee dat de kaart open kan klappen is helemaal top.
    Groetjes, Franka